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07 March . 2018

It’s Time to “Right Size” at RiverLights™

Too Small? Too Big? Just Right! What you need in a home depends heavily on how large your family is and the lifestyles you lead. Selecting your new home should be easy – not something that causes fear or anxiety. Whether you are looking to buy a smaller home after retirement or buying a dream home your whole family will visit and enjoy, we’ve got you covered here at RiverLights. We can help you find your perfect next home with these Top Three Reasons to “Right Size” Today.

  • Expose the Clutter - After cleaning out the extra junk and finally organizing your closets, you come to the realization that there simply is not enough room in your home to accommodate your living. You require a bigger house to live comfortably and get rid of that unneeded stress.

Alternatively, if you find yourself having too much house and feel the need to fill the extra space, it may be necessary to downsize. For a small family that doesn’t anticipate having many guests, a single-family home or townhouse could be ideal. Finding the house that fits you just right can be the difference between a peaceful mind and a stressed one.

  • Tighten Those Purse Strings - You’re paying too much for your home. Are you constantly wondering why you pay so much for your home or believe that the quality is not worth the money? If this is the case, then it is time for a change. At RiverLights, we offer a wide variety of homes to meet everyone’s needs. Starting from the $200,000 to $600,000, you will receive a great quality living arrangement for a fair price that will take away your home quality-price concerns.

You can afford something of better quality. Are you not living as luxuriously as you may like to be? Maybe you’ve paid off all of your children’s college payments or have been saving retirement money for years and you have extra cash to spend. You may want to consider upgrading your home to fit your preferences.

  • Make Your Home a Home Again - If your house doesn’t feel like home…there’s your sign. It may be due to cramped rooms, lack of natural light, or the view of your neighbor’s brick wall, but home just isn’t where the heart is anymore. No matter what the reason, you deserve to be happy in your own home. So if you’re not, it’s time to get packing.

Does your house fit your lifestyle? Whatever type of person you are, you’d probably be happiest in a place where you can do the things you love. Whether you love the outdoors, enjoy a quiet place to read, or are a shopaholic, RiverLights supports your lifestyle and allows you to live every day remarkably. Interested in learning more about the “right size” home for your family? Call us today to learn more.