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15 June . 2016

Move This and Not That

5 Reasons to Move This and Not Move That 

Many people consider moving to be a stressful event and dread the process. We all accumulate stuff in our homes the longer we live there. However, some of these items do not necessarily have to be packed and moved to a new home. 

A few weeks before your move, go through every room and figure out what needs to be moved and what you need to let go of before you pack. It may be helpful to keep a checklist of the exact items you plan to keep. You may even want to consider getting a head start and pack a box or two a day over a span of weeks so you don't feel so hurried on your moving day. 

If you need a little motivation, here are five other reasons why you should consider exactly what needs to be moved before the big day:

  1. Some food is perishable, so why bother packing it? Before you begin the process of moving, make sure to clean out your refrigerator and pantry. Much of this food can be consumed before your move. To lighten your load, donate unexpired items you can't finish to a local charity or shelter.
  2. Garage clutter is real. Now is a great time to finally go through your garage and throw away those random items you have accumulated over time, such as half-empty paint cans. Just make sure you dispose of any potentially harmful chemicals properly.
  3. Pass along the old toys. Many times, parents keep old toys and children’s books, even though their children have outgrown these things and no longer want them. Now is the perfect time to give these items to new parents or bring them to a charity thrift store so another child can enjoy them.
  4. Cull your medicine cabinet. Many people stuff their medicine cabinets with random items, such as pills, cosmetics, and various hair and skin products. Many of these products have been there for years and have expired or are no longer effective. Go through your cabinet and throw these useless items away. Be careful with prescription medications — some can only be disposed of through authorized collection sites.
  5. Do you really need that couch? We all have that one piece of furniture that we have kept a little too long. Now is the perfect time to decide what is valuable enough to be moved and what can be either sold or given away. When you have completed your move, you can replace that furniture with something that is newer and fits your new home much more appropriately.

Once you have gone through your home and decided which items are valuable enough to pack and load into a moving van, you will feel less stressed. As a bonus, your move will also take less time and effort.