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20 March . 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your New Home

Spring is officially here! This means longer days spent outside with family and friends and enjoying the mild temperatures with the promise of summer around the corner. Spring also means it’s time for cleaning out your closets, kitchen pantries, and yes, even the garage! Here are some tips to make this year’s clean out a little more efficient.

Plan Ahead

Find a weekend on your calendar that’s completely free of responsibilities and mark it off as your Spring Cleaning Weekend. Plan this weekend at least 2 weeks away so you can begin to prepare. Make an action plan for the areas of your house that need it the most. If you plan on giving your pantry and fridge a deep clean, take note of what perishable items you have and how you can eat or give them away before. This will free up space and save you time on the day of. Knowing what you have can also help you make better use of your space.

Organize the Garage, Attic, Basement

Another early step in the spring-cleaning process can be to make the decision to donate older, used items you don’t need anymore. Wherever you normally store those shoes, clothes, and kids’ toys from ten years ago is the place you should start to de-clutter first. Decide what’s sentimental enough to keep and donate the rest. It can be hard to part with old items but if you don’t immediately feel a connection to it when you see it; donate it! This can be a time-consuming step of the process so it’s easier to spread this out among a few days.

Collect Supplies for Cleaning

In order to make your spring-cleaning weekend as efficient as possible, make sure you have all the correct supplies for cleaning beforehand. This can also include clear storage bins and organization gadgets for de-cluttering. For example, clear storage bins in the pantry can make it easier to see how much flour, sugar, or cereal you have left.

How to Make it Last Year-Round

When you’ve finished your spring-cleaning the little voice in your head might be telling you this clean house won’t last long. Make it a point in your family’s daily routine to clean up around you. Begin having small 5-minute tidy sessions. Fold the clothes, wipe the countertops, and put-away any bags/shoes, etc. as long as you can get in done within 5 minutes. This will become a fun game for the kids and it will lead to a cleaner house all year long. These small changes can leave a big impact on your home and mood! De-cluttering your environment will also clear your mind so you can focus more on what’s important.


Once you’ve checked off your cleaning list don’t forget to relax and reward yourself! Enjoy the local amenities like the lakeside fire pit, hammocks, and the pool. To keep up your motivation while cleaning, you can promise yourself a pastry from Magnolia Social Cafe to treat yourself!