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Closest beaches to Wilmington, North Carolina near Riverlights community

16 May . 2023

Why Wilmington, NC Is the Best Place to Live

Are you thinking about putting down new roots in Wilmington, NC? You're in good company.

Research shows that the Port City features more than 117,000 residents. Many of them are young professionals taking advantage of the growing career opportunities in the area.

Wilmington, NC, is an increasingly popular place to live with its beautiful beaches, rooftop restaurants, and boutique shopping.  

Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about Wilmington and our Riverlights lifestyle.  

Riverfront Dining Galore

Dining with a view is quite common, especially along the downtown Riverwalk. Because Wilmington is a port city in the South, the food scene offers the perfect mixture of Southern flair and coastal cuisine. USA Today rated the city as the top neighborhood for al fresco -- or, open-air -- dining due to its top-tier oceanfront and riverfront restaurants. It is becoming quite the foodie scene, even Yelp most recently ranked Wilmington among the top 10 in small foodie cities! All in all-Catch and Smoke on the Water located right in Marina Village at Riverlights.  

These are the perfect places to enjoy scrumptious seafood while taking in stunning views of Wilmington's waters.

Boutiques in Wilmington

Yet another reason to fall in love with Wilmington is its many boutiques. These boutiques are an ideal way to spend a weekend afternoon, as they offer high-quality and unique clothing styles. Plus, you get to support the local community by shopping at them.

Some of the most popular boutiques in Wilmington include My Sisters Cottage, Lula Balou, and Beanie + Cecil.

Riverlights even has our very own local Wilmington boutique – Kasa Mercantile. Offering modern and sophisticated home décor, clothing, and gifts, this stylish shopping destination in Marina Village is a must-visit.

Beautiful Weather

Wilmington's beautiful weather is a major draw!

Like other coastal cities, Wilmington has sunny weather, but it rains often enough to keep the plants lush and beautiful. The city's average rainfall each year is nearly 60 inches, which is less than Miami, FL! June to September are the rainiest, warmest months, while the rest of the year tends to be beautiful, clear and crisp.  

While the winters may get a bit cooler calling for gloves and a scarf, snowfall is rare and you won’t need your down jacket living in Wilmington, NC. 

Vibrant Community Environment

In the vibrant riverfront community of Wilmington, you’ll find a plethora of events that bring the community together.   

For example, the locals enjoy Riverfest -- an event that features art and food in Wilmington's historic downtown area for three days in October. You'll also get to experience live music, beer, wine, and food at the area's many festivals.

You’ll also find a welcoming community of all ages enjoying the Riverlights lifestyle and taking full advantage of our year-round events, such as summer Concerts on the Square at Marina Village, local festivals and artisan markets.  

Closest Beaches to Wilmington

Life is a beach, and fortunately, you can make the most of it in Wilmington, NC. That's because the city is close to Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Kure Beach. It’s also just 45 minutes away from several other tiny beach towns.

NC beaches are one of the biggest highlights of North Carolina living, as they are beautiful and offer plenty of opportunities to engage in water activities. For instance, you can enjoy kayaking, surfing, and paddle boarding.

National Geographic recognized Wrightsville Beach in particular as one of the top 20 surfing towns. Carolina Beach has also been praised for being an attractive, free-spirited beach town featuring gorgeous sand dunes.

Kure Beach is an excellent choice if you're interested in viewing one of today's oldest Atlantic Coast fishing piers.


Finally, Wilmington stands out for its reasonable living costs, which are around 4% lower compared with the nation's average. This means you can enjoy coastal life at an affordable price.

In addition to offering affordable housing, Wilmington provides transportation, utilities, and groceries at prices that are below the national average.

Wilmington is a budget-friendly area for anyone interested in catching some iconic sunsets and enjoying fresh seafood year-round.

Find Your Dream Home in Riverlights

Wilmington, NC, is a gem to live in with its unbeatable boutique shopping, riverfront dining and welcoming atmosphere combined with the vibrant coastal lifestyle. 

At Riverlights in Wilmington, NC, we are excited to help you to find your home sweet home right here along the Cape Fear River. Feel free to explore our homes for sale virtually on our site or schedule a home tour with one of our community specialists.  

Contact us to learn more about our homes for sale, and let's work together to find you the perfect one!