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Parks & Trails

Get out and breathe. Imagine the feeling of your heart pumping and letting your imagination wander as you enjoy more than 7 miles of walking paths and trails in the Riverlights coastal community. With over 3 miles of those paths surrounding the 38-acre lake, you’ll be able to absorb breathtaking views and a wellness-centered lifestyle throughout the community for all stages of life.

The Boardwalk at Riverlights

Wander along the Cape Fear River waterfront via The Boardwalk at Riverlights. Whether on a morning jog, on an afternoon dog walk, or out for a family stroll before dinner in Marina Village, the community’s boardwalk system offers a beautiful way to re-energize and reconnect with the river. Sip a cocktail and watch the sky melt into shades of red, or pack a picnic for you and a friend. The Boardwalk provides easy access to Live Oak Commons and Marina Village, filling your stroll from home to happy hour with stellar views. Visitors and residents alike have said that this is the best place to see the sunset in the whole Wilmington area — so come by and enjoy it after a long day! 


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Beacon Point

Located at the front of Riverlights, this area serves as the entrance to the Boardwalk. The recognizable landmark — a beacon signaling the essence and style of the entire community — welcomes visitors to Riverlights. 

This Boardwalk trailhead marks the beginning of a journey that winds all the way down to Driftwood Park. 

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Live Oak Commons

Embrace sweeter days, happier thoughts and a relaxed state of mind under a canopy of live oak trees. This central open space in Riverlights is surrounded by the river, fun retail shops, local restaurants, and everyone’s favorite blue hammocks. Live Oak Commons often hosts waterfront outdoor events and afternoon concerts, and it serves up fresh produce as the home to various farmers markets. As the heart of Riverlights, Live Oak Commons is where people of all ages can gather to celebrate and discover something new.

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Ember Park

Situated along The Boardwalk at Riverlights, Ember Park plays host to neighborly oyster roasts over the fire pits and play dates at the picnic tables, and it’s a favorite place to sit and reflect along the riverfront. Sitting high above the rest of Marina Village, Ember Park is a perfectly peaceful place morning, noon, and night. And when the sun goes down, the park comes alive thanks to the ideal setup for waterfront fire pits and romantic tables. Ember Park is a place where old stories are shared and new memories are created.

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Driftwood Park

A gateway to The Boardwalk at Riverlights, Driftwood Park makes it easy to access the river with your kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, fishing poles, and more. Catch a fish or just peace of mind. Take the kids crabbing, or go canoeing with your sweetheart. Enjoy the bounty of the river here, or close down the day by soaking in the serenity of the marsh. From water sports to winding down, Driftwood Park offers something for everyone at Riverlights.


Portside Park

Soon, a life on the water will be simple — and unbeatable, just like this North Carolina coastal community. This area’s pathways and atmosphere can soon be explored, wandered, and enjoyed with family and friends. With a shrimp-boat-inspired children’s play structure is planned for the space, Portside Park will make for a perfect family gathering spot, an ideal picnic destination, or just an afternoon destination for letting the kids be free.  


The Lake Loop

The wellness-focused lifestyle of Riverlights is exemplified in this 3-mile walking and biking trail around the The Lake at Riverlights. Build stronger bodies and bonds as you chat with a neighbor, enjoy a refreshing solo jog, stroll with your family, or simply breathe in the unmistakable energy of this vibrant community along The Lake Loop. An active lifestyle is achievable here — and more importantly, it is fun!

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The Lake House & Pool

The Lake at Riverlights serves as the heart of the community. With 38 acres of freshwater and a glimmering reflection of the pristine Carolina sky, The Lake at Riverlights is a central point for the entire coastal community. Accessible to paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes, The Lake is a fun place to exercise with a friend, play with kids, and celebrate special occasions. 

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Boat Builder Park

Located along the western side of The Lake at Riverlights, Boat Builder Park is both beautiful and practical. It pays homage to the men and women who craft the vessels that allow us access to our water-based playgrounds. Take paddleboard or kayak lessons, or launch your own non-motorized boat here. Watercraft can be easily launched from the lake-side dock. Paddle around the lake at your leisure. 

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